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How does the Layers Panel works?

The ‘Layer Panel’ is a tool we use to:

  • Rename each layer;
    By simply double click in the layer you want to rename.

  • Detect which layer is active;
    Whenever you select an element in your artwork, the selected layer will appear in green in the layers panel.

  • Organize the artwork dragging layers up/down;
    The first layer is the one that is in the front of your artwork, and the last is the one in the background.

  • Clone, Hide, Lock and Delete an element;

We also have a Hide All / Lock All button which allows you to hide or lock every layer you have in a single click.


When you have a very complex artwork and you need to select a single element, you are able to use the ‘Hide All / Lock All‘ button and then deselect the one you need to re-arrange.

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