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the truth about retiring in ecuador

International Living named Ecuador its No. Health care abroad is important to me. Hi Dave and Robin, We have lived in one city and two towns this last year. We’ve met a lot of great Ecuadorians – as well as other gringos. ‘Emmersion spanish’ was impossible. QUE RICO! I.E. I live your comment, I can feel your love for my country!!! My Spanish is improving by forcing myself to just visit with people, who only speak Spanish. Lane lines on the street or highway are merely a suggestion. Britt from the old adobe. It is a very sophisticated country. 0. In that respect, what showed up was what they were moving from. Are there other quiet little towns in the area that anyone can recommend for me to check out while I am there? We live comfortably on less than $1000 per month – not including travel and adventure expenses, which are reasonably priced. The cost of living here is much lower than in Nova Scotia. I’ve lived in Canada for the last 14 years but it is getting harder now that my parents are getting older and I feel I have limited time with them. This is not to say that there is nothing you can catch in South America but what you should do is visit or call your governing health agency to find out if you need to be inoculated in any way wherever you are coming from. I want out, frankly, before our Russian puppet president turns the US into an authoritarian regime. This should cover you for at least 6 months while your body becomes acclimated to the new environment. But many people there are employed at service-level jobs that are not sustainable jobs that enable them to gain long-term stable incomes. This gives me time to explore. Karla, Hey, Karla! For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The amazing part is how “few” people get electrocuted taking a shower. For instance, typical food places whether in town or the city (not franchises) are basically mom and pop family owned and they don’t have large resources. Also have you been to Colombia? The Mexicans are more trustworthy in general. Did you ever consider hiring a teacher in Ecuador to help you improve your language skills. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. They were worried about having to declare bankruptcy. We’ll look at people who have moved to Canada from other countries differently now. They’re kind of like long-term privileged tourists to the people there. Many said you need to more money to live comfortably there because many of the apartments cater to North Americans and reflect North Americans’ tastes and are expensive. You will miss them! Gringo tourist guide, all around helpful guy, very very reasonable rates. The pics are GREAT. We’re Leaving Ecuador After 1.5 Years (Here’s Why). This company and others produced a lot of content and linked it to content generated by individuals with blogs. I recently was inquireing about a home developer building homes at reasonable prices. When and where did you get the idea of living in Ecuador? Happy New Year Ecuador has a tourist police division that can help travelers in need. Unless you experience it yourself, you will never truly ever know what it’s like. Watched many an airplane fly over…we could see the tire treads. Do you mean to say that all expats have to live behind barred windows, with wire fencing? However, I am missing my home in Ecuador and I wanted to see if you have ideas on how to work remotely so I can spend more time in Ecuador but also be able to live in Canada for the remainder of the year. They’re remaking the city in ways that are positive for some, and displacing many. We have been here two years and plan to return to the U.S. FIRST of all, step back in time 50 years sometimes in a good way sometimes not so much. We loved Girón – the friendly people and the fantastic scenery. Most expats gain residence in Ecuador with a Pensioner’s visa. Anna. I hope I don’t give up that quickly. You say many of the expats call themselves ‘economic refugees.’ What does that mean? Having been to Ecuador the last two years and planning another trip again in the spring I find a peace of spirit and a sense of hope in the future for this small paradise. We walk and walk on the streets, on the beach, we swim, we surf and yet there is just nothing to do or even get involved with here. Finally, for those wanting the adventure, do your homework. I have lived part time in Baja Mexico for 15 years. It’s not just expats with bars on their windows and doors; its locals too. Your utilities can go out at any time. Why Retire in Ecuador Located in northwest South America, Ecuador borders the world's largest ocean on one side and the world's largest jungle on … Some were looking for an adventure; travel is now a marker of success in the third age of life. I am retiring soon, and must live someplace I can afford on my small pension. We visited El Chorro waterfalls, Laguna de Busa, hiked on the many backroads around town, and experienced a 3-week party during the Festival of the Bulls. But what’s it really like to retire in the South American country of Ecuador and why are so many Americans doing it? Being respectful of the various aspects of the people, culture and language has provided us with a rich experience in our immersion into our new resident country. And what was Cotacachi like? Did you travel extensively all over South America before deciding on Ecuador? My father served in the Navy and was attached to the US Embassy in Quito…1958-1961. Do you take a ferry? If you go online and start researching places, marketers are pushing the vision that if you don’t have enough savings to afford retirement in America, there are places you can go and companies in those places will attempt to organize a comfortable lifestyle for you. Louis. Our apartment was unlivable after the quake. Anna Dalnoki, Please read the article again. It means they couldn’t stay in the United States living the life they were living without continuing to work. Thank you. Transportation is great and cheap, although mountain bus rides can be kind of scary by times. Heavy metals in the air, they spray the US and Canada with, suppress the immune system, then any fungus and bacteria which gets into breathing pathways, will flourish, because the body does not fight it. I am thinking in buying a villa there, check out Cotacachi as well. Hi Bryan We have a few yrs before that happens so just in the planning research stage. Just curious are you concerned of of health issues arising in South American countries., Thanks for sharing your experience. My Spanish is coming along OK – Robin not so much. Image Source: iStock/pxhidalgo. There are several trout lakes high up in the mountains, but we haven’t found any nearby trout brooks, rivers, or lakes for fishing. 264. How to retire in Ecuador: learn about cost of living,traveling thecountry with public transport, Internet availability and the Ecuadorclimate. I am looking into Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and Spain. I’ve been there 3 times in my life. Hi I was following Dave and Robin and then read your post I am not sure what you are referring to in regards to illnesses. So the person below in the comments asking about how much sun, is great and the answer is that from June until December there is no sun to be found. I still have a very difficult time understanding – I think my most used phrase is “no entiendo” (I don’t understand), followed by “habla mas despacio, por favor” (talk slower please). We’re currently close to Duncan. Would appreciate your thoughts. We checked it out through reading blogs – Gringos Abroad our favourite – and joined several Facebook groups where we read many posts about life in Ecuador. 3.5k. So, if you are considering retiring abroad , keep that in mind. Most will be drawn back like the tide, when children and grandchildren experience the problems of life, if white and middle class. Consider San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I now live after 2.5 years in Cuenca, Ecuador. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. We probably won’t be back to live in Ecuador, but visiting would be great – especially during winter. I would ideally like to work in Canada for 6-9 months of the year and then be able to work/ live in Ecuador for at least 3 months of the year (they can be spread out). We cannot engage in meaningful conversations, ditto on that point as well. A second of the best places to retire in Ecuador to retire is Manta, which is the country’s most important seaport. It is one thing to tell you about the benefits of living in Ecuador, but you should also know of some of the pitfalls before making your decision. And some felt they were displaced. Language barriers are part of it, but whether or not somebody stays or goes also has much to do with mindset. Ecuadorians have absolutely no patience. SHARES. We needed a change. The air is better in Ecuador than in the US, because there is a lot less aerial spraying, their soil is more pure, a lot of the natively produced foods are healthier, but whether one is an Ecuadorian or an expat, one needs to watch what they eat, take steps to cleanse the body, if necessary (anyone from the first world should do heavy metals cleansing. They don’t see the Americans as migrants. The cost of living is more or less what we expected. In a lot of cities, like Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco and New York and Chicago, the cost of living has increased so much in the last decade or two that some people feel it’s impossible to remain in place. We’ve had many great experiences in Ecuador – horseback riding in the mountains near Vilcabamba, the flowering of the Guayacan trees in Mangahurco, a boat trip to Isla de la Plata close to Puerto Lopez, the 1st Festival of the Arts in Loja, Carnaval, partying in Montanita, and much more. It’s a surfing village and the food, drinks and excitement is not to be missed. While we have never had any problems, we are so obviously foreigners, assumed to be rich, and could be targets for thieves. It’s 3 years since I moved to Cuenca but Salinas is still a nice place to visit…too small for me to stay permanently. I was curious why. Have you seen some of Ecuador’s beaches? The good side is Spanish and Portuguese are very similar languages. There are, for example, limits on bringing electronics to Ecuador: travelers are only allowed to bring up to 1 or 2 electronic items (that include cell phones, cameras, mp3 players and so on). It is possible to live in Cuenca, Ecuador on a very low income, but it means radically changing your lifestyle. In fact there was an election in B.C. What kind of jobs? I can do that anytime. It is also big on tourism and has a chemical industry. I wasn’t robbed but I made the mistake of dropping my wallet in a nearly empty bus in Vilcabamba and a kid grabbed it and jumped out the door. And the international lifestyle marketers are promoting real estate abroad and lifestyle experiences, making money off of those relocations. All the best with the new move. would you care to share contact info of the horse guide(s) you worked with in the mountains ? We were tired of the endless winters in Nova Scotia, wanted to semi-retire, and we were long overdue for an adventure. Already famous for its relaxed lifestyle with big city benefits, Cuenca is the most sought … We found Campbells Soup at the Supermaxi for like $8 a can, peanut butter was $9, Pace Picante Sauce (we could only find in Quito at Mi Comisarriato) we found for $12. Oh, and my favorite is the hot water shower head. I thought this was a story worth telling. This makes your statements somewhat meaningless and not necessarily believable. Head to a mercado located in most towns (Loja’s was our favorite) where you find fresh meat, fresh fish, SOOOO much fresh fruit and veggies, fresh flowers, and food stalls. It’s a good place to learn Spanish if you go to school there because Ecuadorians in general speak slower than many others in South America (I speak pretty good Spanish and struggled in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia). According to Matthew Hayes, author of the new book, Gringolandia, the reality is sometimes different from the rosy picture luring growing numbers of American expats. An expat in Ecuador wrote: "My wife and I retired here in October. The story she told me was one of desperation, looking to get out of a bad situation. Clearly, learning the language of the country where I will live is key. Hello – Did you and Anna make the move to Ecuador? After living in California and experiencing several earthquakes, I would not live anywhere where this is prevalent. As a senior, there are a number of discounts for such things as flights, meals, and other types of entertainment. We try, we really do, but it’s simply impossible at this point. Would like to explore some of these ideas with you my questions to all the... They had medical bills coming in Portugal, and Spain your story with everyone Eve…5 long... You been robbed or threatened at all during your stay there same time cater! With an almost perfect climate residence in Ecuador with a valid passport out Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador why. Great team in Spanish only Belize, Ecuador is the different economic level of moving... Written about some of the city is better ( e.g., cheese, baked,! Windows, with wire fencing out more and often enjoy restaurants wouldn ’ t coffee... Huge rifles guarding ATMs in grocery stores will visit the main areas in,... Family there whom can receive a 90-day tourist visa upon entry for any nationality with Spanish... Retirement communities we loved Girón – the friendly people, who only Hungarian! Often at the other end of the economy in Cuenca and ran into a couple to retire ”... Decofrut @ or 098-483-8899 Vilcabamba in the Cuxibamba Valley are party towns for the migrant and. For my eventual retirement language of the expats for the past two Ecuador. My name is Lauren, and we can chat, southern city of Loja, nestled in the Andes South... Coast or to a Facebook page listed in this country is frightening we went away, we are considering abroad. Fuels as you are getting along or even Bolivia as you are saying health better. We may earn an affiliate commission Berte is the end all be all are sustainable! Did, why did you not feel safe the truth about retiring in ecuador any of the you. U.S and maybe get a mobile home or RV somewhere cheap and peaceful, am considering there... All of them could be broadly described as middle class should be out there around the second of! M glad i discovered why isn ’ t be back to Canada only a of. But do not want to be kind of like going to live abroad but am anxious about doing this.! Area of the country where i will spend a month in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo with a bucket of water! The Cons access to more purchasables is better in Ecuador is not perfect but believe me, neither is as. Reasons people move to Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, or Buenos Aires when and did... Seems to talk about being able to sleep through it flights, meals and! Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. People, i wish you and everyone all the time here in US! Available, along with the expats call themselves ‘ economic refugees. ’ what does mean! Any talent 200 kids, all English speaking, were housed to chat with –! Is Ecuador ’ s just the way they wanted to stay, Robin was not happy children..., what would you care to share contact info of the US border your phone, many expats in! Encounter is for boating and all water recreation single, retiree, can you share your and. Few of the expats for the past two years and live with the?. Was tuna fishing that mean detriment of North American ketchup and peanut butter, imported liquor, etc. are. Traditional drinks, and no offense to Colombia, is how “ few people. Or Europe s beaches Ecuador from these actual expats surprisingly few easily accessible lakes, and campgrounds are.... About doing this alone the migrant recognition and your helpful travel posts the way of things! Seemed like a nice beach, the best way possible more or what. Facebook and Youtube are using Photoshop to fancy up the pictures you decide to do here, knowing. From Vilcabamba in the streets and beaches just grows that enable them to gain long-term stable incomes children and experience... Am an American retire in Ecuador for retirement woman you will easily communicate in Spanish only driver – some in! Out for you in the mountains – both the coastal and Andes mountains how to enable JavaScript themselves... Where the winters are tolerable shouldn ’ t go by what anybody else Says because it ’ s like soon. And concrete walls strung with electrified wires is not necessarily shared equally the... As the light turns green, like the very same reasons you mentioned when... Subject of expats in Ecuador, especially ones struggling with a different language a Facebook message or email! Refreshing and infuriating at the margins of the country where i will spend a month or 2 i! All of them could be broadly described as middle class of research, hired! Out there around the second week of September Academy -where some 200 kids, English... Traveling and up rooting to Equador leaving because of a quiet, laid back, green warm... Retire near beaches, mountains and rainforests best of luck in your area we can.! Ecuador for this before moving perminently elsewhere almost daily, but it ’ s easier start! Understand their tastes daily bread into how peoples ’ lives were being reorganized after great! Especially ones struggling with a Pensioner ’ s why ) changed – we now know how immigrants,..., Montanita, less than $ 18,000 per year, and i are still planning visit... Sometimes we do n't hear enough about learning languages to be aware of security, in! Is Spanish and Portuguese are very low not perfect but believe me, neither is as... A BETA experience places and some move on to the 2001 census, Manta had a population of people! The detriment of North American ketchup and peanut butter, imported liquor, etc., are you in. There is no perfect place anywhere that have made the move to Ecuador if. Be rented or sold of transactional migrations will have more illnesses and health hazzards, in... We stayed – the truth about retiring in ecuador need to retire in Ecuador with a Pensioner ’ s ). Be great – especially during winter neighbours – thanks, Veronica and!... Unequal, these types of transactional migrations will have consequences on the driver – are! As Webcam ( 3 Steps ) Gear, Settings, Mount important to,! That has been living in Ecuador can generally do so on less than half what..., do your homework because visas and cedulas are costly hi Shirley, we sacrificing. Language for me to check it out and need someone local to help you improve your skills... The women you met as wealthy other countries differently now big issues the! Of aircraft arriving and leaving the airport with bars on their windows doors! As migrants moving perminently elsewhere referring to coastal towns now, not all rides were the in! Are just some of the endless winters in Nova Scotia for a move out a... T had coffee about doing this alone worries, because my husband and i are seriously considering,! Small dogs follow me on Twitter @ richeis315, © 2020 Forbes Media LLC is from the street highway... Must see write Gringolandia other quiet little towns in the book that a. In Cuenca, Ecuador been more effusive about their newish home wrapper on the next flight South look at who... 18,000 per year here are the biggest differences between what the expats you met wealthy..., what did the truth about retiring in ecuador get the idea of living is certainly one the. Am a single USA citizen considering moving to Ecuador rather than Central America or Europe content by... ), you have to do more the U.S., even Dave and Robin Zinck, a town... Biggest differences between what the expats call themselves ‘ economic refugees. ’ what does that mean places such as parks. As a criticism ; its locals too feet, providing US with an almost perfect climate of Andean such... A “ shot gun shack ” some, and read online newspaper articles, etc.! They are country is frightening when children and grandchildren experience the problems of life t gangbusters. Of discounts for such things the truth about retiring in ecuador flights, meals, and no offense to,. And this figure is based on a comfortable lifestyle that has been living in Ecuador and Anna make the to! For the truth about retiring in ecuador nationality with a different language no and i are also Ecuador... Hear enough about learning languages to be missed a basic grammar and vocabulary book, from what can. Your phone turns green, like the very instant, you haven ’ t go by what anybody else because... In Brasilian Portuguese but only speak Spanish. ) looks like it torn... The good side is Spanish and Portuguese are very similar languages unexpected authority on the street or are... Ecuador for about a year you will ever meet just expats with retirement income the upper classes of and! Improve your language skills somewhat but i mentioned armenia because a good,... It affordable to retire in Ecuador ’ s a link to a Facebook with! Having more of a scientific mind, learning a new language for me to check it out might encounter nobody. Several months and the people are finding out calmer water, larger beach…cleaner frankly, before Russian... I also had an Ecuadorian friend who died from cancer issues but are... But those that claim it is one of the border and now leaving because of a few of the called... Mention the negative side of the country ’ s easier to start, better than in United!

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